Cambodia bans online pop star game Audition

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auditionIf you think the Americans authorities are overealous with their attitude to online gaming – and you should because they are – then spare a thought for the Cambodians, who have been denied the opportunity to play online game Audition as their government deems online gaming to be a form of gambling, which apparently is bad too. Somehow a computer game in which you have to create a virtual pop star is in some way harmful. Now I can understand them banning any TV show in which you have to create a virtual pop star – Jedward should not be nflicted on anyone – but a computer game? Looks like someone needs to ease up on the cat meat hot pot. And if you think the kids in Cambodia are pissed off spare a thought for US company VTC Online, which has wasted $80,000 on a marketing the game. That was one audition that went badly wrong. Read more.


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