Calvin Ayre Featured on W5

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W5LogoWell, I would have to say that W5 put out a fairly balanced piece considering some of the unbalanced coverage I have seen in the past. As a Canadian, I knew they were going to be covering me whether I agreed to let them into my world or not so thought I would cooperate and try to help them get their facts straight. Mostly they are accurate, however they are mistaken in saying my settlement agreement with the British Columbia Securities Commission was for Insider Trading. That non criminal settlement had nothing to do with Insider Trading as its commonly understood. Nobody ever called me Air (Ayre) Head when I was a kid either, they must have gotten that from’s funny play on words for our models, glad to see they like my sense of humor. I make no apologies for my take no hostages, drinkin’, gamblin’, and carryin’ on lifestyle though. I go hard in all directions as everyone knows.

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