Gambling doing too well so must downscale, say Aussies

TAGs: Australia, regulation

kangaroo_pieI’ve heard a few government excuses in my time, but in Australia a “report” recommending the introduction of a 2% betting tax because states Down Under are making too much money from gambling, is about as credible as ‘we invaded Iraq to get rid of that nasty dictator Saddam Hussein’.

That’s right, they claim that introducing regulation would encourage states, some of which attribute 15% of their total revenue to gambling, to “downscale”. So in the height of a recession what Australia really needs to do is cut back on its thriving industries, doesn’t it?

They are claiming gambling is rife with corruption – unlike the government – but of course none of this has anything to do with the fact that said tax would generate nearly $400 million a year for the Aussie authorities. Why don’t these drongos just come clean and say they want a piece of that kangaroo pie, mate? Read more.


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