Becky’s Bender: Kentucky Derby, GIGSE, and Praha

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ParisHiltonAs an official “International Socialite” (I’m serious, it’s in my title), I feel as if it’s my duty to continually share with you some of the fabulous social events that are taking place over the coming weeks. I’ll be right here every Friday, so when it comes to planning your international social calendar, you know where to find me, your very reliable source.

Gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals have a lot coming up in May, everything from special annual sporting events to conferences and legendary launch parties, so lets with the first weekend of May, the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby in the U S and A.

The Kentucky Derby, 1 May
kentucky-derby-infield-1The Kentucky Derby, known to be THE original American springtime sports party, is associated with some pretty heavy gambling and some even heavier boozing. In addition to the Derby itself, which takes place at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 1st, there are a number of parties and social events that surround this race. We’re talking everything from celebrity poker tourneys to black tie, red carpet, VIP events, fund raisers, Dennis Rodman, dinners, dancing, mint juleps, gambling on horses, whiskey, puking, potentially blacking out, and hopefully getting lucky. If you’re in Kentucky and want to know what parties are taking place, check out Onpoint Sports– they’ve got a pretty cool list if you ask me.

MTLBeckysBenderGIGSE, 12-14 May, Montreal
GIGSE is back, and will be taking place in beautiful Montreal from 12-14 May. Montreal is an amazing city known for its nightlife, restaurants, Supper Clubs, “ballets”, strip bars, springtime patio dining, and general European flair. Next Friday I will be providing you with some A+ recommendations for all of the above, coming straight from my Montreal based friends who know the local scene and the social taste of the igaming crowd.

In the meantime, for those of you on the fence about attending, I’ve got good news for you if you’re an affiliate! I spoke with GPWA’s Michael Corfman yesterday and he has agreed to extend the deadline from April 24th to May 6th for all affiliates who are interested in attending for free. All you have to do it sign up through the GPWA, and if you’re a legitimate affiliate, you’ll be hooked up with a freebie pass. The rest of you people can register online and you’ve got a choice of passes plus all delegates are eligible for discounts on passes to several upcoming conferences.

iGaming SUPER Show, 25-28 May, Prague
LaunchBeckysBenderWe’ll start with my soft spot and the event we have all been waiting for…the May 25th launch party sponsored by and iGB Magazine. As you already know, we’ve got a tight VIP list going which is only 200 deep, and seeing as there are 2000 of you, in order to get some tickets, why don’t you get creative and join the “Caption This!” contest so you can come too! The details of this party remain under wraps, but if you’re lucky, I may leak a few in an upcoming Becky’s Bender or two, so stay tuned and be shocked!

For all you hockey fans out there, I’ve got some good news for you. The iGaming SUPER show is taking place right smack in the middle of the NHL playoffs, but that is OK…we can watch the playoffs together in the comfort of our very own conference hotel. Affiliate Club’s Czech blooded affiliate manager Katerina called the hotel on our behalf to confirm that they are able to broadcast the hockey games for our viewing pleasure, and looks like we can get the games on a big screen in the conference hotel bar.

Lastly, iGaming biz has added a new networking opportunity to our igaming SUPER Show festivities, the Speed Dating Club- I mean Speed Networking Club– but this one happens to be during the day and alcohol free. Email Lizzie to reserve your space with fellow igaming SUPER show attendees on Tuesday afternoon, 25 May in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Hilton Prague. You’ve got two options for Speed Networking, the 1st Networking Club taking place from 13.30 – 14.30 and the 2nd Networking Club taking place from 15.00 – 16.00. I know, I know, you want to network with booze so you’re nice and loose, but who said you cannot go out and get shitfaced first?


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