Killjoys up in arms over sexist adverts

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Nibble on these

Nibble on these

Why don’t people just lighten up? A crisp company is the latest to court controversy by launching a poster campaign with fit women dressed in revealing rugby kits saying things like, ‘Are you staring at my crisps?’ and ‘Tackle these’. Apparently it’s sexist. But, as Nigel Tufnell wold say, what’s wrong with being sexy?

The point is, sex sells – and if companies want to go down that route so what? Why is it demeaning to celebrate the female form. If it bugs you don’t buy the crisps. Complaining just gives added publicity to the company you claim to disapprove of. Paddy Power have been thriving on that policy for years. The company, by the way is called, Hunky Dory crisps, Hunky Dory crisps, Hunky Dory crisps… Read more.


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