Full Tilt draws a pair of courtroom victories

TAGs: california and kentucky court cases, Full Tilt

DeserveVictoryThe folks at Full Tilt Poker have been subjected to a legal shitstorm of late, but a couple rays of sunshine have peeked through those angry clouds. In the ‘Can I sue to recover your losses?’ case, a motion by Kentucky prosecutors to fast-forward the discovery process was denied by a Circuit Court judge because state officials had yet to actually serve anyone connected with Full Tilt with a summons. And in a court in California, a Federal judge has dismissed RICO charges brought against Full Tilt by two players the site had banned for reportedly using ‘bot’ software. Neither of these decisions wipes Full Tilt’s legal slate clean, but given the unrelenting parade of bad news the company’s endured, it’s a welcome change of pace. Read more.


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