Will turf warfare break out over Las Vegas mob museums?

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Bravo Oscar Bravo

Bravo Oscar Bravo

I’m not really sure how wise it is for a new museum about the mafia to open up on the same patch as another museum about the mafia – especially when both museums have, how shall we put it, connections. But that’s what’s happening in Nevada, where the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, which is the brainchild of the mayor Oscar Goodman, has found a rival in the Las Vegas Mob Experience.

Quite why Goodman expects anyone to go to a museum off the strip to see the cops’ version of history, when you can see the mobsters’ very own version on the strip without spilling your drink, is a mystery. In fact, you could even argue that Goodman, as a former mafia lawyer, would have actually been a better consultant for the Las Vegas Mob Experience than the one to which he contributed. But of course, I’m sure he would argue otherwise – probably rather convincingly. Right, now how do you get on to one of those witness protection programmes? Read more.


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