Czech Republic plans foreign online gambling ad ban

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Czech mate

Czech mate

When it comes to partying, we all know that the Czech Republic is the place to be – particularly if you’re in Prague on May 25th. But while the tourist is welcomed with open arms – and in some cases legs – when it comes to online gambling Johnny Foreigner isn’t quite so popular with the Czech authorities. Now, an amendment is being considered to ban foreign online betting companies from advertising in the Czech Republic, because they do not pay the 20% ‘charitable donations’ to which Czech operators are subjected. Hold on, isn’t that against EU law, guys? Here’s a better solution: throw a few more industry parties like Calvin and, instead of banning adverts, launch another one of those Eva Herzigova campaigns. That’ll get the ‘charitable donations’ back up to speed quicker than you can say ‘Hello, boys’. Read more.


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