Ladbrokes advert shows Tony Blair backing Conservative party

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Funny ad, serious undertones

Funny ad, serious undertones

It’s been a bad few months for Gordon Brown. After sending the UK £1 trillion in debt and struggling in the polls against the Conservative Party, he is now paying the price for agreeing to share a live TV debating stage with his two political rivals. Suddenly even the Liberal Democrats are faring better than Labour. And now even Tony Blair is voting for another party. Well, that’s the idea of Ladbrokes’ latest advert anyway, which has a Blair lookalike lumping on the Tories and pushing over a cardboard cut-out of the beleaguered Brown. If the Tories do get in, do you think this ad might impact on plans introduced by Labour to impose a betting tax on offshore operators, like Ladbrokes? Just a thought. Read more.


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