FBI proudly announces Tzvetkoff capture

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Moment of glory

Moment of glory

A bit like those US soldiers who posed proudly for photos alongside tortured and dead prisoners of war at Abu Ghraib prison the FBI has published indictment charges against Australian internet magnate Daniel Tzvetkoff on their website. There are no photos as yet of agents sitting at the wheel of Tzvetkoff’s Lambourghini, or laughing pointedly at the personalized number plate which read ‘BALLER’ but it’s fair to say that this time it’s the brash Aussie who has been screwed – possibly by one of his own. And there will be plenty more balling to look forward to in the slammer as he is charged with everything from bank fraud to money laundering, conspiracy to operate and finance an illegal gambling business to having a bad haircut. Which is why he’s staring down 75 years of hard time. Read more.


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