Da Bulls In Da Playoffs

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chicago-bulls-cheerleaderIt took every bit of the 82 game schedule for the Chicago Bulls to secure a spot in the 2010 Eastern Conference NBA playoffs. The Bulls played extremely well down the stretch with huge wins over Boston, Toronto and Charlotte down the stretch to secure the eighth and final spot in the East.

For all of their hard work and effort the Bulls will be rewarded with being paired with the best team in NBA, with the best player in the NBA, in the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. In preparation for betting on this matchup there’s just one word that comes to mind and that would be “sweep”. All I’m trying to figure out is if the Bulls will be game enough to cover the spread. I’m one those bettors that refuses to listen to the experts and anyone else who is or actually claims to be one. I’ll make my own calls, why, because I like to brag after I win, I like to talk, a lot shit, and say I told you so, that’s why. So when I look at the Bulls, and I see how well they’ve played down the stretch, and I consider that they’ve been playing for their season for pretty much the last month, Rose is on fire, they’re finally healthy and meanwhile Cleveland has just been chilling, I’m definitely thinking they might cover at least one game even if they get swept. Can’t call it, predictions are for experts. Read more.

News leaked about the Bulls firing Vinny Del Negro way back in December, the rumor at the time was that it was a done deal, Del Negro was a lame duck. I’m wondering how the Bulls are feeling about him now. Del Negro is taking a team that really, after all the injuries and the current players they have, has no business competing. Management traded away all of their star players in Salmons and Ben Gordon and left Del Negro with scraps to work with aside from Noah, Rose and Heinrich. Then there are reports of in-fighting between the GM John Paxson and Del Negro, just for the record, I’d take odds on Paxson winning that fight any day. With that beak on Vinny, he’d be leaking quick.

In spite of all of the distractions and obstacles, Del Negro has done his job, it’s too bad he’ll probably still get fired. In fact, I’m so sure he will be fired I’ve already started looking for future bets with that offering.


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