Full Tilt Poker sticks it to Kentucky with 7% traffic increase

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Hey, Kentucky, this is finger lickin' good

Hey, Kentucky, this is finger lickin' good

Hammered by the Feds, in hot water with the Aussies; it’s been a grim couple of weeks for Full Tilt Poker. But it seems that Michael Jackson was right when he said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, because despite their recent habit of making headlines for all the wrong reasons, FTP’s cash traffic saw a 7% increase last week. So what does this mean? Are players just trying to squeeze the last bit of juice out of the site before it gets wasted? Had they just forgotten about FTP accounts until they read about them in the news? Or was it down to the site’s Take 2 promotion? Either way, it’s a large middle finger hoisted in the direction of Kentucky. Read more.


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