Bwin launches interactive TV broadcasting system

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Sheeva me timbers

Sheeva me timbers

Bwin’s marketing generals have made no secret of the fact that they have France, South America and the US in their sights as they step up their quest for world domination. And when not contemplating which territories to annex to their sprawling gaming dominion they are developing the arms with which to carry out their dastardly plans. To that end they have launched Sheeva – a new interactive TV broadcasting system which fuses live video with social media platforms and instant messaging systems while simultaneously integrating real-time data from their online gaming line-up. Come again? Basically it’s a fancy programme that enables you to watch streamed sport, view betting markets and chat on Skype all at the same time. It does everything but make the tea and perform sexual favours, but I hear they’re working on that. Read more.


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