2010 US Masters Payout

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mastersgreenjacketWell, it’s all over now, so I guess its back to talking about Tiger’s sex scandals. Let’s hope not, as exciting as they may be, it was good to see him back on the golf course. Favored at -140 to finish ahead of Phil Mickelson, Tiger’s fourth place finish won someone a lot of money when Lefty took the green jacket.

It was probably one Mickelson’s best performances and lacked the typical meltdown in the late rounds that has plagued the golfer in previous years. For his efforts, Mickelson took home a healthy payout himself. If you’ve ever wondered just how much these golfers get paid in a tournament like the US Masters, you might be a little shocked at the numbers. Read more.

Mickelson pulled in around $1.3 million for winning the Green Jacket, meanwhile Woods at fourth place raked in a measly $330,000 for his efforts. The payouts for the Masters are ridiculous, if you finished in dead last place you still pulled over $20 grand. If you didn’t even make the cut, your still left with $10 grand or so.

I can’t be the only one who is in awe of how much loot these golfers take home, or should I say, how much loot the bad golfers took home. No wonder Tiger can take half a year off, pound skanks and still come back to finish in the top five of a major. Golfers are getting paid for just showing up. It’s enough to make you think you’re in the wrong profession, and make no mistake, you probably are. Seriously, if being the worst in the game get’s you paid a fat sum of $20K, does it even matter whether you win or lose? For shit’s sake, the top ten guys received no less than around $200K!

Don’t get me wrong, its great for golfers, and sure, the game takes a lot of skill and expertise to play or even to get invited to a major. But here’s the thing, how hard are you really competing if not making the cut still gets you some cake? To me, this is one of the problems in golf. It’s not cutthroat enough and it can’t be, simply because everyone is making too much money to really care. Oh, shit, Tiger won again, oh well, I’ll take my eighth place finish and $225 K and go home. What? Must be nice.

I think its time I put a little more time in at the range and set some new goals. Forget shooting for the stars, hey, I’m just trying to finish in last place.


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