Make an Easter Bunny cocktail

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Get in touch with your Easter Bunny

Get in touch with your Easter Bunny

Fuck easter eggs. We all know they’re only just a rip off. If you must stuff your face with chocolate just pop down to Tesco’s and buy your favourite bar of Lindt or Green & Blacks.

If you want to kick Easter off in style, though, it’s a cocktail you need to warm up the party, especially if that party involves an army of Ayre Heads who are looking to kick back, let loose and celebrate what we all celebrate on this special day – coming again. Of course for some of us mixing with those sort of Easter bunnies is but a distant dream and just coming at all these days is a cause for celebration, but I digress.

So without further ado I bring you the Easter Bunny Cocktail. It’s just as sweet as an Easter Egg but has the added advantage of getting you and your drinking partners shit-faced quicker than Calvin during a keynote speech at an iGaming conference.

1.5 oz dark crème de cacao
0.5 oz vodka
1 tsp chocolate syrup
1 tsp cherry brandy

Pour the crème de cacao and vodka into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Float chocolate syrup and cherry brandy on top.

Now, even if you don’t happen to stumble across any proper Easter Honeys, drink three of these and you’ll think you have.


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