WAGS no longer widows thanks to World Cup sex toys

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Fuck this for a laugh

Fuck this for a laugh

After disgracing the nation at the last World Cup with their late night partying, gambling and general carryin’ on, England manager Fabio Capello has banned the Wives And Girlfriends of his players from travelling with their partners to South Africa. So now they will have to stay home alone – unless of course John Terry decides to say fuck that to the World Cup and help them out with the, erm, babysitting. So to keep them company on those long lonely nights Paddy Power have come up with a ‘World Cup Widow’s Aid’ – a dildo, to you and me – thoughtfully honed in the shape of the World Cup itself. Now what with it being 1 April something smells fishy here – and I don’t just mean Colleen Rooney – but either way, it’s a story that tickled me almost as the product will Abigail Clancy and co. Read more.


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