McNabb Dead Man Walking In Oaktown

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mcnabbWhere’s there’s smoke there’s usually fire and in Oakland, the Raiders are a franchise that has been burning down for some time. The news that Donovan McNabb might be heading to Oakland made me a little ill. Read more.

I understated it, the news of Donovan McNabb, who I actually believe is one of the better QB’s in the game, heading to Oakland made me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. I’m reading it and I still don’t believe it. Firstly, I don’t know what Philadelphia’s problem with McNabb is. I know Philly fans are tough, but are they stupid? Yes, the Kolb kid looks good out there, but he’s not McNabb in my books, but what do I know? All I know is Donovan McNabb is a proven winner year in and year out, he gets a shitty Philadelphia team, always hampered by injuries to key players (Westbrook) to the playoffs year after year, and he’s really only had one superstar receiver (Jackson) since T.O, and we all know how easy it is to win with T.O. It’s not like the Eagles have a running game, with Westbrook in and out of the lineup, and he’s not a pound it type runner anyway, and yet McNabb seems to shoulder all the blame. Maybe I’m missing something.

I hope for McNabb’s sake he’s not considering going to the Raiders. If he is, he might as well kiss his family and friends good bye, and sell his soul, because Al Davis will take that from him anyway. McNabb deserves a better fate than the one awaiting for him in Al Davis’s crypt. The man looks like he feeds off the blood of babies, and Oakland has become the graveyard for an NFL career. That franchise has fallen so far from grace, it’s a good thing they wear black, because it’s dead. JaMarcus Russell, nice job, good thing they paid him for holding out that year, good investment. They could have done better last year with Rex Grossman throwing the football. You have to believe that a QB of McNabb’s caliber deserves better than that at this stage in his career.

Although, seeing McNabb in a Raiders uniform would make the NFL betting scene that much more exciting.


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