The evolution of a gambler: link no longer missing?

TAGs: early man, evolution

DaVinciCodeOkay, we’re not usually prone to seeing ‘signs’, but two seemingly unconnected news reports caught our eye this weekend and put us in full-on Da Vinci Code mode. In the first, scientists announced the discovery of bone fragments in Siberia that point to a heretofore unknown species of early human, and that our entire understanding of human evolution may be in need of a page-one rewrite. In the second, Ruben Hopper, a poker player in Oklahoma, claims that he’s 106 years old. Okay, let’s see how these two might fit together…

So, there was once a land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska (Sarah Palin could have seen it from her porch); Alaska’s postal abbreviation is AK, Oklahoma’s is OK; A is for Alpha (the first letter in the Greek alphabet), while O is for Omega (the last letter)… OH MY GOD! Ruben Hopper is The Omega Man!!! The world is coming to an end!!! Fuck… Oh well, might as well bet the farm on Butler going all the way, then…


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