Betfair Australia chief hits out at outlaws of the outback

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The gloves are off Down Under

The gloves are off Down Under

Betfair Australia chief Andrew Twaits is pissed off. He’s pissed off with the ‘illegal operators’ and he’s trying to get even. It seems that the Aussie authorities are turning a blind eye to the likes of PokerStars and ‘brazenly’ advertising their products on TV ads and the like, when they are technically outlaws of the outback, and so he’s bringing attention to it. Twaits is also suggesting that the government should come down hard on these good for nothing operators once the market is regulated – or do what PartyGaming have done in the US and pay through the nose ($105m) for a non-prosecution agreement. Nice touch, Twaits. Hit them where it hurts. Hit’em Down Under. Read more.


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