Where will the SEGA/Playtech tryst take the industry?

TAGs: Playtech, Sega, video gaming

Give me your answer do

Give me your answer do

Like the rapport you enjoyed with that cousin on your mother’s side you couldn’t help stealing furtive glances at during the Christmas holidays, there has always been an alluring but strictly platonic relationship between online gaming and video gaming. Now, though, things have changed. Things are not quite so innocent. Somewhere along the line, after one game of Twister too many, video games provider SEGA has found itself breaking the look-but-don’t-touch rule and jumped into bed with gaming software supplier Playtech. And they are not alone. Indeed, Bwin and United Games struck up a similar tryst last autumn. So what does this mean for the industry? Is this a sign of things to come and if so will such unwholesome cross-breeding result in chromosome-rich offspring that look like the Royal family? Read more.


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