March Madness: A Bettor’s Sour Grapes

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upsetfanFuck this tournament and everything that it stands for and fuck the selection committee, they can sit on a pole and rotate. Feeling a little better after getting that off my chest, chances are, I’m not alone in my bitterness, don’t mind me, I’m just sick to my stomach after an upsetting weekend. Read more.

I knew it was going to be a long tournament from the opening day. I had my betting picks made, my bracket set out, I had talked all the shit I needed to talk to my friends and strangers and I was feeling pretty damn good about it. Then the tournament started and the black weekend began.

First Vanderbilt went down in flames on a buzzer beater, that hurt. But it was nothing compared to what would happen over the course of the next few days. By the time Villanova finally choked out, I was already heavily into the sauce, I thought I was dreaming. Scottie Reynolds, Jay Wright, they fucked me. I hope this costs Reynolds a trip to the NBA, if I’m an NBA GM, I’m not taking him, wrecking people’s brackets like that, go play in the D-League son.

I didn’t think it could get worse, and of course I was dead wrong. I had to watch Kansas, who I had going to Final fucking Four, get beat by some hicks from Northern Iowa with a terrorist point guard. Okay, he’s probably not a terrorist, but he sure had balls to take that last three, a three pointer that sealed the deal, wrecked my bracket, and left a welt on my girlfriend’s cheek.

Bitter? Maybe just a little. I just want to know where the hell the selection committee’s head is at. The ranking and seeding system they have going on is completely off. I’m not just saying that because I lost bigtime and my bracket got bent over…well, okay, maybe I am just saying this because of all that, but I think I have due cause. For example, Cornell, what kind of shit ranking is that? Cornell has steamrolled their competition in the first two games, and many experts had them picked to do so prior to the tournament, so what’s with the 12 seed? And then there’s the Washington Huskies, they won the Pac Ten tournament, California won their first game in the tournament, so obviously that conference wasn’t as weak as it was made out to be, was an 11 seed accurate for Washington? It’s open season as far as I’m concerned on questioning the selection committee, I’m starting to look at the teams they left out, like Miss St. and I’m wondering if they got the whole thing backwards. I want the whole process reformed. I want more weight to be given to wins at the end of the season and less given to ones at the beginning of the season. I want conference championship losses to count for more and wins to count big time. I want less weight given to how strong a conference is, because the Big East isn’t showing me shit. And thanks a lot, thanks for fucking up my bracket Georgetown.

The whole system needs a fucking overhaul, I’d do it my damn self if they let me at it, me and Clark Kellogg and Brian Gumble could get it done, because this is bullshit…
Or maybe I’m just a little bit bitter from a weekend of Madness? One of the two, we’ll see how I feel after the next round.


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