Don’t Call It A Comeback

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You just knew he wouldn’t stay away too long, because before Tiger Woods was anything else that people want to say he is, that being a monster, a womanizer, a stud a player, a fag, a whatever, he was and is and will always be a golfer. So don’t call it a comeback, as far as I’m concerned golf took a break when Tiger left the scene and his scandal got more press than the tour. So now the King is back to reclaim his throne at the Masters. Read more.

Tiger’s return to golf couldn’t have come at a more pivotal point in his career. Already the hands down greatest golfer of all time, he now somehow, however unfairly, has something to prove. Sure he still has his fans, but they’ve been silent for a long time, waiting, twiddling their thumbs, tolerating the ridiculous amount of abuse their hero has taken for well, being a man. Perhaps the only mistake Tiger made was getting married in the first place, should have just taken a page out his boy Jeter’s book and stayed single till after he’s finished his playing career. Well lesson learned Tiger, I bet all that therapy he received certainly helped cure his desire for seductively hot, gorgeous women. At least it sounds good though.

There’s another frenzy brewing since Tiger announced his return, and that would be with the bookmakers and bettors hurrying to get odds and props up on Tiger Woods. Will his return be a triumphant one or will the cameras and the media fuzz affect his play? Normally he’s used to that type of thing every time he plays, but it is a little different when mother’s are shielding their kid’s eyes as he walks past “ Sweetie don’t look at the bad black man.” Oh wait, not sure if Tiger calls himself black, what did he say he was, CaucblAsian or something dumb like that? Regardless, the peering eyes of hate will be upon him, some wishing for his failure, some wishing for his success, it certainly will be an interesting vibe he’ll have to deal with, while he deals with the Augusta course. I’m guessing pretty much every bettor is throwing down something on this. Read more.

One thing is for sure, Tiger getting back onto the golf course is the best thing for everyone. Sportsbooks get to ramp up their Tiger offerings again, golf becomes a sport again, and we can finally start talking about the club sizes in his golf bag and not the one in his pants. I hope he wins it. I hope he kills the competition, and grabs the prettiest girl in the stands and slaps her ass. And then I hope he throws his middle fingers up and says “fuck you, I’m the best of all time”. He probably won’t do all that if he wins, but part of me now thinks he’s the kind of guy that wants to, and I ain’t mad at him for it.