What Makes A Gambler Tick?

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gold-diggerGambling is a form of both visual and sensual entertainment that is deep rooted in human history. But makes a gambler tick, as in why do people gamble? Is it for the love of money? Is it for greed? Is it for pure entertainment? Boredom? Addicton? Some believe that gambling has its root in the seed of greed. Read more.

It’s real easy to write off the reasons why a person gambles as greed, but that’s a blanket statement and it just doesn’t tell the whole story. Wealthy billionaires, millionaires and well to do people flock to casinos and gamble all the time. Most of these cats didn’t build their empires or wealth off of playing fucking blackjack. So greed doesn’t really tell the story.

Let’s get more specific and look at the game of poker as a form of gambling. Now poker is a unique game that while it involves gambling, it also involves a high degree of skill and expertise to be successful. So what makes a poker player tick? It’s probably different for everyone, but to many, it’s the thrill of competition, the excitement of risk and the euphoric sensation of winning. Add to that feeling one gets when that sexy gold digger grabs your arm and you have an incentive to play on.

Perhaps that’s the incentive driving most gamblers, the prospect of winning. I dismiss greed as a major incentive because most casual gamblers and poker players don’t expect to get rich from their gambling. Although some gamblers are able to make a pretty damn good living off gambling that’s obviously not the case for the majority or the business wouldn’t survive very long. Do you think Granny really expects to become a millionaire from playing the slots? Probably not, but she sure enjoys the entertainment.

What about sports betting? Let’s be real, nothing adds more excitement and meaning to a Clippers vs Warriors game than having a little money on it. Shit, if it wasn’t for sports betting tv ratings for most games would be in the toilet. Greed, I don’t buy it as a major incentive, if anything, greed only hurts a gambler. It clouds his decision making, it makes him a careless gambler. As the song goes, you gotta know when to fold em.

If money was the only reason people engaged in gambling there would be no room for online poker sites that allow people to play for free. It’s such an easy cop out to dismiss the incentives of all gamblers as being negative, in the forms of greed and addiction. Why is it so hard to believe that people gamble for the most part because it’s a fun and entertaining way to escape the doldrums of everyday bullshit? To many, perhaps that’s the most addictive part of it.


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