Italy’s Google privacy case sets alarming precedent

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The US can't have it both ways

The US can't have it both ways

Not that the Americans have ever been known for not thinking their actions through to their logical conclusions but developments in Italy do suggest that the most unpopular country in the world good old Uncle Sam is beginning to get a taste of his own medicine. The American ambassador to Italy is crying foul over the conviction of three Google executives, who have been held criminally responsible for violating Italian privacy laws, for content that was posted on their site. You’ve got to feel sorry for them for sure, the Google case is indeed an outrage, no question, because of the alarming precedent it has set. But before picking up stones, the US ambassador should have a good look to see whether or not he’s living in a glass house. I mean, can you imagine any foreign operator in the US being hammered by the justice system..? Read more.


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