Has Nevada lost its cutting edge?

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Til divorce do us part

Til divorce do us part

Whatever happened to the old Nevada? Rebellious, libertarian, Wild West, cutting-edge-of-social-chutzpah Nevada? The very place where, as Stacy J Willis brilliantly puts it, “if a girl wants to smoke a little weed and hook up with a tax-paying brothel professional before marrying her lesbian lover, then wake up the next day and change her mind about the marriage, get a divorce, drop a few thousand in a Noah’s Ark slot machine and stay up all night drinking Belvedere flirtinis in front of an aquarium watching a mermaid – shouldn’t she be able to do that in Nevada?”. It’s lost it’s mojo that’s what. Misplaced its cojones. Forgotten itself in this nouveau world of austerity and faux political correctness. So the President had a pop. So what? How’s about a ‘Fuck you, Obama’? Read more.


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