Geneity vows to restore bookmaking originality

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Industry software providers, eh? You know what I’m ‘ehing about’. Some software solutions don’t really solve anything at all. They provide a ‘fit’ and leave the client to carry on as usual, operating as if they have achieved change when in fact they have probably caused an issue, one yet to be discovered (until a disgruntled customer call the CS department to point it out). One company from west London is trying to change all that. Geneity has been around for five years and in that short period they have made an impact. Philip Slater, the company’s Sales Director believes that many sportsbook operators are too similar and need freeing from the chains of software suppliers. “We’re busy putting the finishing touches on our new sportsbook platform which will be officially launching in the next few months,” Slater told “We’re really excited about the integrated backend tools that we’ve built which make the traders life much easier especially for managing in-play content”. “The sportsbook market has been somewhat stagnant in the last few years. Many of the online sportsbooks look very similar so we think operators should be given the opportunity to innovate on top of their platform by providing a comprehensive API that allows them to take full creative control of the design and build of the online offering”. This purposeful attitude hopefully will help bring about an end to the plagiarisms that have been predominant in an industry that has been bereft of decent development for too long. The single wallet or shared purse has always been the preferred option for operators and more sites now offer the single transaction route. “Increasingly the sportsbook is just one module sitting alongside a casino, games room, poker, bingo etc, therefore we designed our platform to easily slot into an existing wallet alongside other best of breed modules all connected through a central wallet,” added Slater. So, if another product other than the usual suspects of sportsbook, casino, poker, games and bingo does come around then it can smoothly slot into place. Although with the creative thought process at most bookmakers these days – I won’t hold my breath.


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