Morocco Casino Gets Security Facelift

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RainManAs one of the most popular places to gamble in Africa, Moroccan casinos have been cashing in on all the excitement their casinos generate. Keep in mind the gambling environment in Morocco is as free as a naked hippie. You can gamble almost anywhere and you can gamble online wherever you want, with whoever you want, whenever the hell you want. But many Moroccans prefer to visit the lavish land casinos and enjoy a good party while they gamble. But Moroccan casino owners aren’t the only ones noticing how much money is being thrown around in the casinos. Con artists, and thieves, or as they are more commonly known in Morocco and other parts of Africa, “teefs” have also been cashing in on the casino excitement. The issue has been a huge cause for concern in many parts of Africa. Professionals are robbing some of these casino’s blind like an episode of Oceans 11, except not as cool.

African thieves are getting away with the oldest tricks in the book, from sleight of hand, to counting cards, to substituting loaded dice, to straight up stealing chips. Morocco finally decided to do something about it. In particular, The Casino Agadir Atlantic Palace is upgrading their security by installing networked megapixel and speed dome cameras. In other words, they’re installing a freaking security system. Read more.

Yeah, here’s an idea, if your going to build a casino where millions of dollars are being exchanged, you might want to have a state of the art security system in place, at least a few cameras, might help.

Seriously, what were they doing before they installed the cameras? Were they running the casino on the honor system? I’m not saying put snipers on the rooftops, but shit, it’s 2010. In all fairness, Moroccan casinos do have a high level of security, in fact many African casinos generally do. Casinos in many west African countries also have armed guards, dressed literally in fatigues, carrying big fucking guns, making sure everything is on the up and up. Shit it better be. Excuse me sir, your AK-47 just knocked over my drink. Better safe than sorry, in this competitive industry, and people generally aren’t put off by the armed guard presence.

The fact that Morocco had to beef up its security, it makes you think. It’s hard to believe that people still go to casinos this day in age thinking they can somehow steal from the house. I find it odd, because you would assume that most casinos are designed to not just prevent against theft, but to spot cheaters and thieves in the act. We’ve all been to Vegas and seen those guys in suits, with earpieces. They’re not there for the slots, you find that out real quick if you’ve had a wee bit too much to drink and things are getting a little crazy. They’re on you fast, and they come out of everywhere. Here’s my advice to thieves trying to rob casinos, unless you look like Tom Cruise and have a genius, half tard on your arm, you’d better think twice, or be real, real nice at what you do.


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