Aussie Online Censorship Revolt

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Aussie Online CensorshipDon’t mess with a man and his porn!

While those sentiments pretty much sum up this article, lets face it, nobody likes it when their basic freedoms are infringed upon. It’s not unreasonable to think that a government must allow its citizens to view whatever they want online in the comfort of their own homes. However, we are seeing in several countries quite the opposite. Recently in Australia, the government proposed to block what it termed as unwanted internet content. Read more.

The move outraged a number of Australian residents including a hacking group known as Anonymous. In response to what they deemed as an impingement on their freedoms and rights, Anonymous showed they aren’t a group to fuck with. Anonymous hacked into the Australian parliament website, and shut it down.

Anonymous released a statement to the press saying “The Australian Government will learn that one does not mess with our porn,” That’s classic! Anonymous continued to add, “No one messes with our access to perfectly legal or illegal content for any reason.” That would include online gambling as well, another hot target of censorship. You have to tip your hat to this Anonymous group, it takes a lot of balls to hack into a parliament website and shut it down, pretty sure that’s a federal offense. But the reaction is not surprising. If governments think they control what citizens watch, read or play on the Internet, this is a message to think otherwise.

Really what’s next? Give them an inch, they’ll take a country mile. Will the Australian and Chinese government start controlling when people go to the washroom? Where does it end? When farting is outlawed? It’s getting ridiculous. In China, they are basically sending henchmen to shut down any internet content they deem unacceptable. When you read about this shit, it’s like history is repeating itself, I’m just waiting for surfdom to resurface along with the lords and knights. It’s a little unsettling to see that this day in age, there is still places fighting for freedom of the press.

At least there are groups rising up to fight the powers that be, in Australia anyway. I would like to meet the leader of Anonymous, he should hold a press conference. But, I guess if he, or she, were to do so, they wouldn’t really be anonymous and would probably be arrested on site. Still, it sounds like a pretty cool group to be a part of, you know, a bunch of pale, sun starved computer brainiacs in a smoke filled room, capable of taking down an entire infrastructure with a few keys strokes…Don’t ever come between a man and his porn, governments beware. Except the Chinese government, they’re not afraid of that sort of thing, communism is still alive and well there, they’ll straight hunt you down and cut your chicken balls off!


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