Ivey and Brunson: Super Bowl losers

TAGs: Doyle Brunson, Peyton Manning and Co., Phil Ivey

'But they said the Colts were a shoe-in, Doyle'If I were Phil Ivey or Doyle Brunson – and unfortunately I’m not – I would stick to poker. Not just because they are among the world’s best – and in Ivey’s case – the world’s best – but because when it comes to betting on anything else, they suck.

Take Brunson. Looks like he lost $100,000 on the Colts, but then that may not come as any great surprise given that he thought they were playing the Patriots.

And as for Ivey, word has it he had $2m riding on Peyton Manning and Co. Ouch!

Admittedly, the only reason I’m being so smug is because I backed Drew Brees for MVP – but if you can’t brag when you’ve outfoxed those two, when can you? Gents, don’t give up your day jobs. Read more.


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