SportsBook SuperBowl Prep

bodog-football-girlRing the bells sound the alarms and prepare a toast, the climax to the biggest money making season for sportsbooks is just a few days away. The Superbowl is not only the biggest payday for most sportsbooks but it marks the end of the biggest season for many North American sportbooks.

This year’s Superbowl seems extra charged with bettors enthusiasm because the New Orleans Saints, deemed as underdogs, sound like a pretty good bet. Both the Colts and the Saints were at the top of the heap all season long and both quaterbacks Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are as good as it gets in the NFL.

The Superbowl always seems to draw every single type of bettor out of the woodworks. Of course you have the regular sports bettors, but for the Superbowl, even a non-gambler will throw some money down. As such, Sportsbooks typically see an increase in account signups during the Superbowl season, a season which enables the opportunistic sportsbook to pad its client base. Among all the new account signups sportsbooks will experience, there will be those that are looking for a new sportsbook to continue to wager with, if not regularly, then only for special occasions, whatever the case may be, the most attractive sportsbook and the one that provides the best service will usually end up retaining that bettor as a client. Sunday will be a busy day, that’s an understatement, but advising clients to get their bets in early and briefing all customer service reps on the best available deposit methods can make all the difference and helping the busiest day of the year run smoothly.

As any online gaming sites already know, fake or fraudulent accounts are always a pain in the ass. The Superbowl season seems to bring about a ridiculous number of these kind of accounts, and it’s mostly from bettors who don’t know what they are doing, don’t trust wagering online, think they need to conceal their identity or are just being idiots. Whatever the case, the informative approach seems to work best in discouraging this type of behavior. It’s bound to happen, because idiot guys marry idiot wives and have idiot kids, you can’t stop the cycle, but you can devise ways to limit the damage. Most security departments in online gaming companies are good at tracking this sort of thing, and usually shut down these accounts fairly promptly.

The Superbowl is not only an opportunity to boost a sportsbook’s clientele, it is also an opportunity to use the influx of traffic to the site to cross sell bettors on other products like poker and casino. It’s not uncommon that bettor signs up an account to make a wager on a major event and then ends up staying on the site because he likes it. Once he finds out he can use his winnings to play poker or mess around in the online casino games, well now he’s experiencing the best of both worlds and that one time bettor just became a client.