Sega Poker Not Impressive But May Be Effective

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sonicTo many, after visiting the newly launched Sega Poker site, the phrase “ Go big or go home” never rang more true. Fans of the Sega brand had their expectations dashed upon visiting the Sega poker site. Read more.

According the above critique; the graphics on the Sega Poker site, among other things, just weren’t up to snuff. I too took the time to visit the site and while my critique isn’t as harsh as others, I wasn’t all that impressed. But then again, I really wasn’t expecting much. Why should I?

When Sega first stepped onto the scene in a ground breaking way it was with the Sega Genesis. Ahh, the Sega Genesis, countless youth hours in the 90’s were spent on that black box. That system revolutionized NHL hockey games. Sonic the Hedgehog was a classic, Mortal Kombat ruled, and Streets of Rage, well, hell, that might be the best two player combo game ever made…after Nintendo’s Contra that is. But let’s be real. Sega fell off after Genesis anyway. Sega CD was a joke, the 32X was brutal except for one racing game, and Sega Saturn, well, the timing was bad for that one too.

I can see why the expectations were high for a Sega online gambling product, but no one should be all that surprised at its lackluster appearance. It’s clear that Sega didn’t make this push into online gambling with its casino and poker sites to regain the notoriety it once held in the gaming world. They launched this site for the same reason most people, businesses, assassins, politicians and strippers do anything, for the money.

One has to wonder, just how well the Sega Casino and Sega Poker sites will fair in the market. Certainly many people familiar with the Sega brand will naturally flock to the site for the brand name alone. Some will undoubtedly be disappointed and others without high expectations might enjoy the site reminiscent of their younger days of video game playing. Personally, I’d check it out, if only for the fact that they have Virtua Fighter on there, one of my all time favorites. But that’s just me. Realistically, if Sega really hopes to compete with the likes of the cutting edge Poker and Casino rooms like Bodog and Bet365 they will have to step it up a notch.

Here’s the other thing to consider, while the Sega Poker room may not be the most impressive it may be effective in accomplishing the corporation’s objectives. The Sega Poker rooms will likely attract many casual players, players that aren’t very serious poker players and don’t win all that often, but still love to play. That’s not only a healthy chunk of the market share, but it’s also a pretty good market to attract, because where the little fish swim, the sharks are sure to follow.


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