NFL Final Four

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Sportsbooks around the globe are gearing up for what is typically and certainly in North America, the biggest attraction aside from the Kentucky Derby, the Superbowl. Feels good to just say the word…Superbowl.

But before the grandaddy game of all games is played we have the AFC and NFC championship games, which also garner plenty of attention, particularly this year. This year has taken on a different flavor all together, with Brett Favre back in the mix, and the surprising run of the New York Jets, the build up to this year’s Superbowl is a little more intense. It’s in years like these that sports bettors come out of the woodwork to lay some cash down. I’m talking about the sports bettor who rarely wagers on games, maybe bets a few times per season, that’s the guy who’s real excited right now and ready to put some money down, and he’ll be throwing his money at first sportsbook that gives him the most attractive options.

You gotta give props to props. Prop wagers are good all the time, but this year, with all that is going on, they should be awesome and very attractive to even the most remedial sports bettor. The big reason being you have a team in the playoffs that is basically trying to shock the world. Okay sure, the Jets have the number one defense in the league, but no one outside New York expected a 9-7 team to go this far. That kind of incongruence wets everyone’s wagering appetite.

And it’s not just the Jets, Brett Favre at forty years young, is back in the mix. Can the old guy win it one more time? Will he retire if he does? Will he retire if he doesn’t? People are trying to bet on these things, I know I am. I already have a side wager going that he throws at least two picks, one of them to Sharper.

Everyone has a side they take whether they admit or not, but this year there’s a lot of animosity towards the Jets. Nobody really seems to want them to win. No one in New England, and you better believe no one in Miami wants to see that, it just makes betting on or against them that much more enjoyable. Take Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets for example, he’s been unreal, defensively as good as it gets. All year long this guy has been shutting down premier receivers, he’s got an interception in each of their playoff games and now he’s going up against Peyton Manning. Give me some creative prop wagers on Revis and I’m throwing money at it and I won’t be the only one. Shit, show me some prop wagers on the entire New York Jets team and I’m emptying my pockets, like many others, I tend to feel those damn Jets owe me some money, props wagers are great way to settle the score. Many people are hoping and praying the Colts shitkick Rex Ryan’s New York Jets and shove those victory parade plans right down Rex Ryan’s cocky little… The point is, people get fired up this time of year and Sportsbook’s with creative prop wagers can capitalize.


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