Fuck Bodog

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Bo DaDoggwhiskeyBodog this, Bodog that. Will someone please tell Calvin to shut the fack up about fackin Bodog. He should be paying more attention to this bloody dog-named ‘Bo’.

I thought I’d heard the end of all this when he cashed in his chips and sold up to the Mohawks a couple of years back but no. Like a spoon to a crack whore – he just can’t let go.

Now he’s got a bee in his bonnet about Doesn’t he realise that the only Brand making the news at the minute is called Russell? Coz he’s just popped the question to that American singer wot likes lollipops and West Ham undies he’s been shagging.

Apparently fuckin’ not.

Coz has just been named the world’s strongest online gaming brand which means Calvin’s got a grin the size of the Joker and won’t keep his trap shut for love nor money.

Never mind that this his trusty hound has been stuck in the kennels freezing his bollocks off while he’s been out drinking the town dry. Told me he was off house-hunting, so he did. Arse-hunting more like.

But so what, eh? Who cares about Bo DaDogg? Calvin’s world revolves around Google Alerts, some bloke called John Apiafi and the only fuckin’ Bo that seems to count –

Not that I’m sore about it…


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