Big lottery win leaves Kentucky Governor feeling small

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Gambling news, Big lottery makes Kentucky Governor small

Take it or leave it, Guv!

The joke’s on Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear who will now have his ‘ethics’ pushed to the limit as he decides what to do about a massive lottery win in his State.

Beshear has wasted, sorry, spent a great deal of energy trying to convince his fellow Kentuckians that online gambling is no good for them, will make them go blind if they do too much of it and should be outlawed (well, two of the three is true). But try telling that to the Georgetown resident who has just won $128.6 million on an online Powerball Lottery machine.

A tax of $3.5 million USD from the winning ticket is expected to be paid to the government of Kentucky but Beshear’s office have yet to say whether or not they will decline those much-needed but, in their backward view, ‘ill-gotten’ funds. Read more.


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