The Real Deal About Social Media

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Social media is not the answer to life’s mysteries. It is not the cure all for reaching your prospective clients. It is not magical. In fact social media doesn’t even really exist. It is just a term that is used to help people understand the changes in the media landscape over the last few years. In my opinion all media is social media, because we talk about it. All media formats are also integrating social functionality. I bet you can’t go through a day without hearing about Twitter or Facebook on CNN or CBC. These same reporters also have their own social profiles where they broadcast marketing text copy and do not engage or listen to others. At least they are fucking trying to understand things.

We are still doing the same shit we have always been doing. Alter reality with substance (booze, shrooms, weed), have sexual intercourse, find ways to provide for your family, share recipes, discuss useless small minded crap. Now we just have technology and various social platforms that empower these discussions and cut out the middle man, cable TV/newspapers/etc.

We are going through a change that is bigger than anything in human history. Not only do we have the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in real-time, but we can all do it for free, from our mobile phones, in all languages. These changes transcend culture, race, sex, and religion and connect us in our true form, human beings. I do not think people understand how powerful this change is. We are still holding onto our memories from the 90’s and when we were kids, hoping that one day we can take the rotary phone out of the attic and give it a spin. Those days are fucking gone.

The next time you want to talk shit about Twitter or Facebook or any other social website/platform/service, just remember that one day Twitter and Facebook will not exist. They will be replaced by a new technology and the evolution of human advancement will continue. Who knows, maybe one day the Internet won’t even exist, we will all be connected by our thoughts, floating around in bubbles in the sky, drinking recycled urine.

How do like them apples?


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