Forum Fun: AGD and CAP in bed together?

Casino marketing, AGD and CAP in bed together?In my other job as the Global Brand Ambassador for, I spend time in igaming forums as the infamous “BodogBecky”. When something really big and juicy happens, I want to let the readers in on the discussions so you read, post, and comment away. Now lets cause some trouble!

Ok, so granted Karim, the Ayre Heads and I in bed together is slightly more attractive than Andy and Warren in bed together, but what is going on here? Is there something we don’t know about? It has been announced that AGD and CAP are going to help sort out the Grand Prive affiliate scandal…is there some sort of financial gain for AGD? What happened to eCOGRA’s investigation? What is the real story? Check out the Casinomeister forum for more.