Forum Fun: Microgaming and US players

TAGs: Bodog, Microgaming

Microgaming LogoIn my other job as the Global Brand Ambassador for, I spend time in igaming forums as the infamous “BodogBecky”. When something really big and juicy happens, I want to let the readers in on the discussions so you read, post, and comment away. Now lets cause some trouble!

A hot topic right now is Microgaming and their decision to ban existing US players from playing at their new game releases. What the?! I mean, I know Microgaming made the decision to stop accepting new US players a while back, but what does this new games decision mean for existing Microgaming affiliates with US players? Why do affiliates feel as if Microgaming continues to screw them over again and again? Why is Microgaming doing this? There must be a motive…check out GPWA and AGD for some heated opinions from affiliates, perhaps some explanations from Microgaming reps, and if we’re REALLY lucky, another authentic country music video from J Todd.


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