EGR Live Review: branded blue penis mic makes its debut!

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Old Billingsgate London UK

EGR Live…what a success! I must say that this conference felt busier and attracted more attendees than I ever anticipated. The large numbers were probably due to the free admission for all attendees, but hey, that’s what you get with an industry full of a particular religion that will remain nameless, right? RELAX, I’m joking, I’m joking- everyone knows that I adore Tel Aviv and that I want to marry a Jew. Anyway, great work eGaming Review– you nailed the concept, the venue, the caliber of attendees and the energy of the event as far as I’m concerned. My only criticism, and I cannot believe I’m about to say this, is that the exhibit hall should have stayed open later on day two as no one was ready to leave! All good though, the die hards of the industry found networking space in the local pub down the road and got drunk all afternoon, so no harm done. (Disclaimer: to all the conference organizers reading this, my aforementioned comment is not to be confused with starting earlier in the AM, please do not ever do that).

London Bridge

Location, location, location! I absolutely believe that location is one of the keys to iGaming conference success, and the EGR Live venue of Old Billingsgate (a former fish market of all things!) was a fantastic choice by eGaming Review. Everyone loves that feeling of intimacy at an iGaming event- intimacy in the exhibit hall, intimacy during the sessions and panels, intimacy at the parties, hell, late night random intimacy in a hotel room for all I care, but this venue was great for intimate networking opps and meetings. The location within London was also fantastic, in my narcissistic opinion, as it truly fulfilled the infamous Liggero jogging habit. My hotel was just down the road from Old Billingsgate, conveniently facilitating a run along the Thames starting at the London Bridge, past the OXO tower, past some Egyptian statues, past the London Eye, all the way to Big Ben and back. In the pouring rain, of course.

Something else really exciting happened during EGR Live…something that may have changed my on-site reporting life forever… my very own branded blue penis wireless mic made its debut! I think I am in love with it. In a jam-packed venue full of iGaming industry professionals all dressed in suits, what could be more fun that interviewing everyone with a blue penis? It was a huge hit- I got all sorts of opinions on EGR Live and the new concept, predictions for EGR Awards recipients, favorite Christmas traditions, thoughts on the venue, juicy interviews with Mark Blandford, Chairman of the EGR Awards judges, Justina Cruickshank, contributor and Keith McDonnell, director of Bodog Europe, and more…you name it, I interviewed people about it! Thanks to my very own penis, of course.

Ok. So clearly I enjoyed this event very much, and this may come as a shock to you, but I have an uncontrollable tendency to enjoy and love, well, everything. Ha. So lets spice things up a bit…what did you think about EGR Live and the new concept? Your opinion is important guys, so go ahead and say something controversial!! Shock me! Disagree with me! I dare you…


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