William Hill brings novelty betting to bingo

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New Bingo Betting with X-factor| Gambling news

Get a full house and, Bingo, you've got the X-Factor

William Hill bingo has teamed up with sister website William Hill sports to offer free betting on the X-Factor.

In a cunning attempt to boost novelty betting, which most online websites are obliged to pay lip service to without actually taking much profit, Hills are hoping that the many men who play bingo on the sly will familiarize themselves with the sports website and maybe occasion a flutter or two on their website, while the female demographic will be swayed by the lure of enhancing their X-Factor viewing.

Then at least they’ll know what to do when the Grand National comes around.

To qualify for the X-Factor flutter all punters need to do is get a full house on any of the Factor Flyer bingo games. Whether it works or not remains to be seen but give them credit for trying.

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