You know you’re addicted to Social Media when…

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1) You send Tweets while you are having a shit.
2) You have heard of the Twitter Gangster.
3) You know that Robert Scoble is missing a Favicon on his Blog.
4) You know when the CEO of Twitter is going to a movie.
5) You follow the UX Engineer at Twitter.
6) You upload pictures of your hike to Flickr while you are still hiking.
7) You know that Friendfeed was recently acquired by Facebook for $50 Million.
8 ) You follow Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington on Twitter.
9) You get your daily Technology News from Techmeme.
10) You know that MySpace now syncs with Twitter both ways.
11) You know that also owns, which is a shorter URL shortener.
12) You follow the hashtag #pshb (PubSubHubBub).
13) You know that MC Hammer is on Twitter.
14) You know of a Cat named Sockington with millions of Twitter followers.
15) You find the common squirrel on Twitter hilarious.
16) You use SayNow to reach out to your community vocally.
17) You actually monitor your Social Media presence with Analytic tools like Radian6.
18) You follow the Prime Minister of Thailand on Twitter.
19) You know that Arnold Schwarzenegger uses Twitpic.
20) You actually know how to use RSS Feeds for SEO gain.
21) You have a MySpace profile with Friendfeed embedded in it.
22) You have utilized the Twitter Guide Book.
23) You find funny shit on Stumbleupon late at night after you get home from drinking.
24) Instead of calling or texting your friends, you write on their wall using the Facebook iPhone Application.
25) You plan on adding Youtube Direct to your website to allow for community content creation in real-time.

How addicted to Social Media are you and what’s the craziest thing you have done?

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