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The gaming industry knows Montel as a great ambassador for the game of poker, but undoubtedly his most honorable quality is his generosity.

Video highlights from Ante Up for Africa hosted by Annie Duke and Don Cheadle, a charity poker tournament at the WSOP to benefit Refugees in Africa.

In this video, Rebecca Liggero interviews Montel Williams at the WSOP on life, poker and making poker legal.

Thanks to Phil Gordon and others, Ante Up For Africa raises millions of dollars for social injustices and conflicts on the African continent.

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Annie Duke and Don Cheadle host Ante Up for Africa poker charity at the WSOP.

The fourth annual Ante Up For Africa tournament heads down to the wire at the World Series of Poker.

Rebecca Liggero gets you up-to-date with July's igaming industry events including WSOP, Sportsbetting and Lotteries conference and Las Vegas Parties.

he Ante up for Africa charity poker tournament has been a huge success in accomplishing its two fold mission, raising money and rallying the troops.

The Poker Players Alliance is sponsoring the event Ante Up for Africa.