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It’s More Fun in the Philippines with Bodog


It’s More Fun in the Philippines with Bodog

I’ve been living in the Philippines for about 16 months and as I’m neighbours with our good friends from Bodog, I’ve seen their massive growth first hand. Of course, it’s not just Bodog growing in Asia; the Philippine economy has the second best rate of growth behind regional powerhouse China. The Philippine economy grew at a rate of 6.4% last quarter. It is widely expected to meet China’s rate of growth by the end of the year.

The Business Processing Operation (BPO) industry is booming, I was told the industry overall is adding 3500 new jobs a week and as more companies realize the benefits of doing business in the Philippines that number is expected to boom.

I had a brief chat with Bodog’s Global Recruiter Jade Forlani about their hiring progress in Asia.

Jade Forlani - Bodog Asia Global Recruiter “We had 170 staff members when I started and now we’re a little over 700 people. At the current rate of growth, we’ll need to hire enough to bring that number to over a 1000 by the end of the year.

They are always looking for more technically skilled people to join his organization. Nevertheless, Bodog has been finding some gems in the local employment pool, “Recently we have managed to hire quite a lot of skilled PH people and this is very exciting as they work very hard and are extremely loyal to the company. We are on the right path towards becoming the best place to work in Asia.

Forlani expanded on the Bodog work environment, “We are the largest online gambling brand and we’re expanding aggressively in Asia. Working for such a cool brand like Bodog can be a lot of fun; it’s dynamic and fast moving where you are surrounded by entrepreneurial and inspirational people.” She continues, “No days are ever the same. It’s a very sociable company, our parties are legendary, our atmosphere is relaxed but we are trusted in our ability to deliver on projects. We get to work with the best creative and technologists around!

I wanted to hear Forlani’s opinion as a Brit who has made the decision to relocate to South East Asia, “Manila is a vibrant, exciting city in the heart of Asia. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in another culture; the people are so lovely and welcoming. We’re in a great location to visit other countries in Asia, from local island hopping on the weekends, to visiting the cosmopolitan cities like Singapore and HK. It’s colourful; there is great food and great nightlife. Manila is the new place to be in Asia.

If you’re looking for a change in your career, explore Asia and join the fastest growing gambling brand in Asia, Bodog is looking for high level people in the fields of marketing, search optimization, customer retention, web development,  corporate security and product managers. Check out the Bodog Nation Careers page for more details.